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Rabbit Arena Minecraft Admin Team


Rabbit Arena Minecraft Admin RabbitArena


RabbitArena is the meanest and cruellest member of the Rabbit Arena admin team. When he’s around you’re gonna have to be on your best behaviour as other people who have messed with him have soon disappeared! There’s no hiding from this admin…

Once you get to know him (few have) and if he likes you, he’ll grant you wonderful powers and abilities that few have ever seen. :-)

Rabbit Arena Minecraft Admin Lord_Kimpton


Lord_Kimpton has is the ruler of Rithukars most strongly defended army and city. He’s the ruler of the Templar’s, he fights for justice and peace. He loves giving speeches, people say his speeches are powerful enough to inspirer any army to win.

He is a highly respected person, and is not somebody to cross, although he would give anybody a second chance, if he thought they deserved it.

Rabbit Arena Minecraft Admin Vampcal97


Vampcal97 is the Admin with the strongest magical ability and with the most influence in the known world due to the fact that he runs the city with the strongest economy (Malkyases).

He can be quite charitable but crossing him would make you regret living especially since theres nothing that he loves more than smell of a well done sizzling corpse tingling with the essence of mana!

Rabbit Arena Minecraft Admin ToastedBanana


Is a banana that has been in the microwave for 2 minuets whilst wrapped in tin foil.

Rabbit Arena Minecraft Admin Sorakirby


Sorakirby is the most peaceful of the Rabbit Arena admin’s. He has a real dislike for deserts and Ancient Elves. As the ruler of the Wood Elves, he has a passion for trees, is well respected and others say he’s very kind hearted.

Rumors say he is older than 245 years, and has the ability to time travel. From this some people say he is one of the surviving few from the Great War between Humans and Elves.

Rabbit Arena Minecraft Admin Mortaur



Rabbit Arena Minecraft Admin Monster_JuJu


If you see Monster_JuJu on your travels, you better behave yourself. Not many people are silly enough to annoy him, but let’s just say, those who double-cross him are hard to find nowadays.

He is the owner of the cruellest faction in all of Minecraftia, The Legionaries. He fights for the same beliefs as Lord_Kimpton’s templars, his arch nemesis, however differs from them as he fights for power and domination.

Rabbit Arena Minecraft Admin Dominator046


Heroes, Empires, Wealth and Cupcakes will rise and fall, but legends shall live on; and living on the wind as the eternal keeper of legend is Dominator046. Working to put the ancient words of the ever extending past into the swirling well of the future, Dominator046 works his silent auguries within the deepest and most unimaginable places within and beyond existence.

Dominator046 is a solemn figure, honorable in action but pure as a strong wind.

Rabbit Arena Minecraft Admin Big_Brown_Hav


Big_Brown_Hav was once a poor African Boy enslaved by the “White Man”. He soon escaped out of the farm and fled towards the ocean, where he would find many great adventures as a pirate. Soon after he founded Scurvy Bay, the only hide out for pirates.

This admin is the is Lead Designer of Rabbit Arena. You will most like see him at Scurvy Bay, but don’t be alarmed he is very friendly!

Rabbit Arena Minecraft Admin KimptonComputers


This admin has many faces. Sometimes controlled by mysterious forces, his personality can change from day to day. You won’t see him very often but if you do, you’ll know that trouble isn’t far behind.

He’s very territorial and hates others building on his land. Oh, it should be said that wherever he is, IS HIS LAND.  He spends most of his spare time hunting, so watch out that you’re not his next victim.