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The Diablo series owned by Blizzard is an isometric dungeon crawler style game. When Diablo 2 was released it was by far one of the best games ever to be made for the PC (for its time). When Diablo 3 was released it didn’t have quite the impact Diablo 2 had, however millions of copies sold worldwide.

In Diablo your main goal (apart from the main story line) is to find ‘epic loot’ – to be the best, or have the most fun. In Diablo 2 you have the option to play as lots of different classes to defeat the Lords of Hell. In act 1 you take down the first lesser evil, Andariel. In act 2 you defeat another lesser evil named Duriel. Act 3 is the first act you take down a Prime Evil, Mephisto. Act 4 is about defeating Diablo himself, and the final battle that was released in an expansion pack, was to kill Baal. The last three bosses in Diablo 3 were the only Prime evils, in total there is only four lesser evils and you’ve already killed two before Diablo 3 has started.

In Diablo 3, you play as an adventurer seeking out the ‘fallen star’ – little did you know that the star was in fact an Angel. Act 1 is about finding out who this Angel really is and recovering his memory – setting the story in place for hunting down the last two lesser evils. Act 2 is killing the first lesser evil still alive, Belial – Lord of Lies. He uses illusions and tricky to hide himself as an important figure, Emperor Hakan II. Prior to seeking him out you look for an artefact known as the ‘Black Soul Stone’ in which the three prime evils and two lesser evils are imprisoned. You defeat Belial, also imprisoning him in the Black Soul Stone too and then search for the next lesser evil – Azmodan. Azmodan is now the last evil leader and you bring the fight to him before he can unleash his armies across Sanctuary. After again, defeating the last lesser evil, you put his essence into the Black Soul Stone. This is where the plot twists – One of your allies, helping hunt these evils – turns on you, and resurrects Diablo, giving him the power of his brothers as he has absorbed the Black Soul Stone. He attempts to take over Heaven, city of the angels; he easily defeats imperious, leader of the angels and quickly travels to the crystal arch – the main source of angelic power. Of course you travel in after and kill him before it’s too late.