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Minecraft Schematics - sc-big_brown-ship

Author: Big_Brown

Schematic Description

A simple wooden ship with sails, looks great alongside the dock.

Download This Minecraft Schematic

Minecraft Schematics - sc-big_brown-dock

Author: Big_Brown

Schematic Description

A simple wooden dock which can be dropped into your map at any time.

Download This Minecraft Schematic

In today’s video Lord_Kimpton shows how to install in the new Minecraft launcher with the mod Legendary Beasts. Legendary Beats adds new bosses to the end of the Minecraft game which all have special abilities and therefore require different strategies to defeat – if even have the courage to face one! This mod installation was for Minecraft 1.6.0 however if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask them in the comments section!

Forum Page: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1445361-162forgesspsmpalpha-legendary-beasts-adding-new-bosses-to-minecraft-updated

7-Zip: http://www.7-zip.org/

Minecraft Forge: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,10075.0.html

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Installing The Minecraft Schematics

Our Admin Team tries to put together a set of schematics that they think will be useful to you when you want to create your own server or advance/design your own world. These schematics are totally free, and we do not mind you using them on your own servers (We would appreciate it if don’t claim it to be your work). If you ever see anyone trying to sell/advertise these as there’s please tell! Other than that you can use them as you like!

Single Player

The first step is to download a programme called MC-Edit


Next is to gather the schematics/schematic that you would like. Put them in a folder that you will remember.

Make sure you have fully exited out of Minecraft, if you try these next steps while Minecraft is still open you will have corrupt your save! (Tip: whenever editing your Minecraft worlds externally always make a backup. – I always do!)

Then open up MC-Edit and click World Save. You will have been automatically put into the folder of where the worlds are saved. Look for the file Level.dat in the folder of your world.

Once you have opened your world you will get a 3D view of it. Don’t be scared, I know it’s hard to navigate but you’ll be ok. The best way I found to move was to hold right click and look in the direction of the way I wanted to go (let’s say up) and then press W.

Now you have the hand of moving (I hope) let’s paste the schematic in! You will see a toolbar like in Minecraft, the one you want is import (the 6th one across).

This will bring up the search box you need, navigate the file location of your schematic. Load this schematic in by double clicking on it or by clicking open at the bottom right.

Find the location of which you want to paste this schematic, and simply left click. Wait you’re not finished yet. Notice you now have new tool bar on the left!

With this you can position where you want your schematic, simply click the tools you want and they will instantly change for you.

You’re almost done! Click import on the left toolbar and wait for the loading bar to finish.

Now all you have to do now is save. To do this simple press Ctrl + S.

Well done you have successfully pasted your schematic into Minecraft! Close MC-Edit (alt+F4) and open your Minecraft to see the result!

Multiplayer Installation

Funny enough pasting into a multiplayer world is easier than a single player world if you use Bukkit. If you do not run a Bukkit server please follow the single player instructions. Note: Make sure your world save is in your ‘.Minecraft/saves’.

Firstly you will need a plugin called World Edit, you can obtain that here;


Next is to put this plugin into your plugins folder, and restart the server. (Tip: Always restart your server when adding new plugins).
Thirdly make a new folder in the same directory where your bukkit.jar is. Name this folder ‘schematics’ if you spell it wrong this will not work (and don’t add a capital letter).

Next put your .schematics into the folder you have just created.

Lastly log into your Minecraft server and run these two commands:   //load NameOfFile   (leave off the .schematic) followed by  //paste

If your server crashes from the schematic being too big please follow the single player instructions.

If you paste your schematic in the wrong place type  //undo  and this will undo the schematic paste