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Rabbit Gamers Play

Rabbit Arena TeamSpeak Server

Chat whilst you play

We are very pleased to announce the opening of our new Team Speak 3 server for all our guests and friends to use whilst playing with others from our community.

Team Speak is a “Free To Use” application which allows you to connect and speak to others in separate rooms. Our new server is available for use 24 hours a day and best of all …. it’s absolutely free!

Enjoy – Everyone is Welcome

Rabbit Arena Team Speak 3 Server Status

Teamspeak 3 Viewer Error (ID 110) Connection timed out

Connect to the Rabbit Arena TeamSpeak3 Server

This will only work if you have TeamSpeak3 installed already!

How to join the RabbitArena TeamSpeak3 Server

  • Before you ask if TeamSpeak3 is completely free!
  • You can obtain Teamspeak here:
  • You will need to know your Operating System & 32/64bit.
  • Download the CLIENT version for your computer OS
  • Install the download, this may take several minutes.
  • Run TeamSpeak3 and enter your name in the option at least.
  • On the last page of the options there are 3 tick boxes; make sure that all 3 are unchecked!
  • Click Connections – Connect.
  • Change “Server Address” to  then Connect.
  • There is no server password! Leave blank
  • Once in, you can navigate to rooms that your friends are in, or where the Admins are in.
If you’re miss treated in anyway, please tell a Admin, they will have no problem sorting it out.
If you mistreat others we will have no problem banning you, from both our Minecraft and Teamspeak3 servers!